Spike TV to make over Piratz Tavern

Just about all my friends have a Piratz Tavern story. It’s what happens when there’s a pirate-themed bar within the general vicinity of where you live — particularly a bar that serves giant mugs of a particularly potent concoction of multiple rums and spices called “grog.”

Now Piratz Tavern has its own news story. The Silver Spring institution is being featured on the second season of Bar Rescue,” a Spike TV reality show where restaurant and bar consultant Jon Taffer goes into places that are floundering in some way, and helps transform them into something better.

Crews are in town this week filming the episode and I’ll be chatting with the owners next week about the experience.

If you never made it to Piratz Tavern before the makeover, you missed a place that features sea shanty singers, belly dancers, an eclectic island-themed menu and, at one point, a waiter named “One-Eyed Mike,” who really did only have one eye. I’ve known my husband for 13 years and can only think of three times I’ve seen him intoxicated: twice were at Piratz Tavern.

Quirkiness aside, the bar still often drew less than stellar reviews for its food and service. It will be interesting to see what emerges after “Bar Rescue” is through.

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