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Chef Ravi Narayanan heads to Acacia Bistro

Van Ness’s Acacia Bistro has a new chef at the helm.

Chef Ravi Narayanan is taking over the kitchen at the restaurant, located at 4340 Connecticut Ave. NW. The chef most recently worked in the Hamptons, and his resume includes a stint at the Dining Room in the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, as well as work in Paris under chef Michel Rostang.

The chef is adding new menu items at Acacia such as butternut squash risotto with sweet marscapone and house-made fettucine with wild mushroom cream. He plans to switch up the menu every six to eight weeks.

Acacia Bistro is largely known for its wine list, with 117 wines by the glass. It opened in 2009 under chef Liliana Dumas.

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