Your junk could be worth something online

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – Your trash could be someone else’s treasure, and you can make some cash if you sell it online.

But how do you know what people are buying? Woman’s Day did a little digging.

  • People are willing to spend a lot of money on old stereo equipment, such as cassette decks, LP turntables and top-of-the-line speakers.
  • Find your old lunchbox. Rare lunchboxes can sell for thousands, but even one from the 1980s could be worth as much as $50.
  • will give you as much as $30 for a used video game. The electronics reseller also will buy DVDs or Blu-ray movies you don’t want.
  • Ugly sweaters, especially with Christmas scenes or cats on them, are in demand and selling for between $10 and $100.
  • Furniture from the 1950s has been hot for a while, but demand continues to be high.
  • Those small electric kitchen gadgets you never use could be worth something, even if they’re broken. EBay expert Skip McGrath says he buys espresso machines and breadmakers at garage sales and resells them for as much as 20 times what he paid. Some people buy them for parts.

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