Woman combines love for dogs, art with her job

Glenna Campbell sits on the staircase in Two Paws Up, where she works part-time and has done most of the artwork. With her are her pug, Izzie, and Boston terrier, Lilly. (Frederick News-Post/Adam Fried)

Blank surfaces and empty spaces at the Frederick shop Two Paws Up should beware; Glenna Campbell might be on her way with a paintbrush.

The Frederick resident and artist has brought life and color to the storefront, stairways and even a doghouse at the downtown specialty store where she has worked for about eight years. Campbell, a teacher in Loudoun County, Va., says helping staff the store during summer break and on weekends is the perfect way to combine her creativity with her love for animals.

And it’s a chance to pamper her three dogs.

“I recycle my paycheck back into the store,” she said, laughing.

Campbell came to work at the shop soon after she graduated from Towson University. Since then, she got the teaching job, but she — and her eye for art — stayed on at the store. Whenever her boss thinks something looks a little plain, she said, she’ll approach Campbell to help solve the problem.

Campbell designed the storefront, which is painted as a yard scene complete with a fence, lawn chair and, of course, fire hydrant. She also creates decorative merchandise for the store by flattening wine bottles in her kiln and engraving dog silhouettes on them.

Campbell said the store owner wants Two Paws Up to be full of fun.

“It would be a very different experience if the walls were all tan. It really makes a big difference in how exciting the atmosphere is,” Campbell said.

Her dogs seem to like it, too.

While Campbell helps customers, her Boston terrier, Lilly, and one of her pugs, Izzie, run around and explore the treats the store has to offer. It’s not a total day in the park for them, though. They have a job to do, as well.

For example, if someone wants to buy a collar for their dog, they can use one of Campbell’s pups as a model.

“They deal with it gracefully,” she said.

Or if customers bring in their own pets, Lilly and Izzie keep them company.

Campbell’s third dog, Kirby, used to visit Two Paws Up, but is retired and prefers to rest at home, she said.

The store has figured prominently in Campbell’s life in more ways than one. It’s where she met her husband, she said.

Shortly after she started working at the shop, her boss and a frequent customer made the match. Campbell ended up with the contact information for the customer’s son, and about a year later, the two were married, she said.

“Yeah, this has definitely been like a second home,” she said.

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