Where does D.C. rank among America’s rudest cities?

D.C. is No. 3 on the list of the rudest American cities. (AP)

WASHINGTON – For those who live and work in the District, it might not be news to hear the city is, well, rude.

But it is. And that’s official. The city ranked third on a list of America’s rudest cities recently released by Travel and Leisure magazine.

Even ruder was New York City, ranked No. 1, and Miami, which came in second.

According to Travel and Leisure, “Politics is ugly, and perhaps getting uglier. Even though our nation’s capital still counts as a great family getaway, it got two spots ruder since last year.”

The list was compiled after a contest in which Travel and Leisure readers voted on what they though the rudest city was. Three-time champion Los Angeles got bumped to fourth in this year’s contest, followed by Boston, America’s fifth rudest city.

But it appears rudeness isn’t limited to the northeast and L.A., as Dallas, Atlanta, and Phoenix all fell into the top 10.

Unfortunately for the D.C. area, our neighbor city, Baltimore, is pretty rude too, it seems. Baltimore came in at tenth place.

To check out the rest, check out Travel and Leisure’s full list of America’s rudest cities.

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