New app helps kids complete their chores

Darci Marchese,

WASHINGTON — A new website app may provide help with the age-old parenting battle of getting kids to do their chores and do them well.

The website,, allows parents and children to track and earn points for their chores.

Since I have a daughter, Rachel, who is 8 and not exactly great at keeping up with her chores, I logged on to the site to check it out.

It took about 10 minutes to sign up, and it was free. Parents can design daily chores for their kids, such as brushing their teeth, making their beds, packing their lunches, cleaning their rooms, going to bed without a fight and even exercising for 30 minutes.

The site allows participants to set up a point system for rewards and makes suggestions on types of rewards, such as extra TV or video game time, staying up 15 minutes past bedtime, choice of dinner menu, a day without chores, a trip to the movies or a new book.

The website creates a room for your child with his name on it, and it’s easy to work through the steps. Some fun visuals and sound effects pop up.

After showing the website to Rachel, she called it “pretty awesome” and wants to continue using the site.

Will it help her maintain her chores?

“Yeah, I might, I don’t know,” she says.

The website boasts it works in keeping kids engaged in their chores, saying 73,234 tasks have been completed by children so far.

HighScore House also has an iPhone application that echoes the same concept.

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