Frederick County proposes new fines for skateboarding

WASHINGTON — Problems with skateboarding and trick biking in historic Frederick has caused some city leaders to propose new fines for infractions.

“What the skateboards can do, and trick biking can do, is damage historic property in downtown Frederick, which is why it’s illegal in the historic district,” says Kim Dine, Frederick police chief.

Frederick County district court judges have told the Frederick Police Department that they will not hear cases for skateboard and bicycle violations for people younger than 18.

As a result, Dine has proposed to the city alderman that his department be able to handle the matter on their own.

“To return to the point where we have the authority then to seize the bike or the skateboard, and when the offending party shows up to retrieve that property, they’ll be issued a citation,” Dine says.

Parents or guardians would be responsible for the infraction once the citation is issued, Dine says, and fines between $40 and $100 are being discussed.

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