Don’t get burned booking a hotel online

Call the hotel to make sure your reservation is in place. (WTOP File)

WASHINGTON – Booking a hotel online can save you a lot of money, but there are things that could go wrong that could ruin your getaway.

The biggest problem that could happen is that the room you booked online might not actually be there when you get to the hotel.

CNNMoney and Fortune point out a recent case where a man booked his room on Expedia only to find out that the room hadn’t been reserved for him.

It turns out that the hotel and the site’s system were not synchronized and the hotel was already fully booked.

Money Talks News says this can be avoided by contacting the hotel directly to confirm your reservation.

Booking online also could mean that the hotel gives you its worst room.

Most hotels prefer that you book through them directly, since third-party sites receive a commission.

Those hotels believe people who book through third-party sites as less loyal and less profitable customers.

Money Talks News suggests you find out more about your hotel through sites such as TripAdvisor and then ask for a specific room before you check in.

Find more tips on avoiding common issues with travel sites on Money Talk News.

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