Cameras may catch drivers who blow past stopped school buses

School bus stop signs are being ignored, and lawmakers say the safety of students is compromised by drivers who don't stop. (Thinkstock)

WASHINGTON – There is growing support in Montgomery County to put external cameras on school buses to catch drivers who don’t stop when a school bus does.

Drivers on both sides of the road are supposed to stop when a school bus stops to pick up or drop off children. School buses in the county are equipped with stop signs that pop out whenever buses stop.

“There is, unfortunately, way too much evidence that that stop sign is ignored,” Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner said.

Berliner said while the number of drivers who violate this law is low, it’s enough of a safety concern to impose a fine for violations.

Now, he and a number of his colleagues are ironing out details of a plan that would put external video cameras on school buses to catch drivers who don’t stop.

The proposed fine is $250 per infraction.

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