Bill provides toll equality for Dulles Greenway drivers

Hank Silverberg,

WASHINGTON – There may be some relief for drivers on the privately owned Dulles Greenway, who currently have to pay the full toll whether they go one exit or all 14 miles.

Delegate David Ramadan, R-Loudoun, has introduced a bill in the General Assembly that would provide another revenue source for the toll road, on the condition that the additional money be used institute “distance pricing” between Dulles Airport and Leesburg.

Commuters currently pay the maximum fee of $4.80 during rush hours.

It would allow the Australian company that owns the Greenway to lease advertising along the roadway and keep the profit to offset higher tolls.

“This is giving the operator the option to (do) so in the hopes that they would,” says Ramadan. “I have already had discussions with the operators of the Greenway. They are interested.”

That would mean lower tolls for people who didn’t travel the full 14 miles no matter where they get on or off.

The Virginia State Corporation Commission, which regulates private companies like the Greenway owners, would have to approve the plan.

Ramadan says so far he has not heard of any opposition to his bill, HB 1246, in the General Assembly.

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