The ‘December Dilemma’ – Christmas tree, menorah or both?

The number of mixed faith couples is increasing. Choosing how to celebrate the holidays can be a source of contention. If you can\'t decide, companies now offer. (Photo courtesy

Meera Pal,

WASHINGTON – A few years ago when Hanukkah fell on Christmas, Elizabeth Quinn and Mark Shmueli brought their menorah to her family’s house.

At sundown, the Quinn-Shmueli family — with their sons and nieces — lit the menorah candles, illuminated by the lights of the Christmas tree.

“Really, our religious/spiritual lives are quite entwined and we are both comfortable in both worlds,” Quinn says. “Maybe in part because we are so comfortable with where we are ourselves.”

More than one in four American adults in a committed relationship comes from different religious backgrounds, according to the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life.

In today’s homes, it’s not unusual to find a dreidel on the Christmas tree, or a Koran under the same roof as a cr

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