Social media plays growing role in getting a job

WASHINGTON – Here’s a resolution to remember for job seekers: When posting pictures of that New Year’s Eve party, remember potential employers may be able to see them, too.

In 2011, one in six workers used social media to get hired, says CBS News financial contributor Carmen Wong Ulrich. More recruiters than ever also are using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to check out potential employees.

Eighty-nine percent of recruiters in 2011 have used social media to look for workers, Ulrich says, with LinkedIn being the site of choice.

“Almost 90 percent of recruiters are using it,” she says.

Twitter and Facebook are having a growing impact, though, with 55 percent of recruiters utilizing the latter.

“Those numbers keep growing every single year so you can assume that this is going to be the norm,” Ulrich says.

LinkedIn is the site of choice for corporate recruiters, while Facebook and Twitter usage is higher in marketing and creative fields.

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