Ready to make a New Year’s resolution? Think again

Randi Martin, A View from Venus

WASHINGTON — Who says New Years resolutions need to start on Jan. 1?

People put too much pressure on themselves when starting the New Year, so resolutions often are forgotten by weeks end. Why not start in March or June? Perhaps starting later will ease the stress and keep you on track.

All this revamping and revising of resolution strategy comes from the lifestyle website The Gloss.

Jennifer Wright, the site’s editor-in-chief, thinks the whole notion of resolutions should be changed.

“Don’t give up the things you love, just resolve to do it better,” she says. “If eating too much and the wrong things are hurting you, take a healthy cooking class. If you hate going to the gym but need to move, do something you love — dance, softball, get a Wii.”

Instead of a lifestyle overhaul, Wright says make small changes.

Calling your mother more and keeping in touch with loved ones feels good. Shut down your laptop and iPhone, there’s a whole world out there beyond Facebook. And make time for romance — that benefits all.

Don’t announce your resolutions to the world. Resist posting on Facebook or Twitter your plans to diet, exercise or stop drinking. Do you really want everyone checking in on your progress?


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