‘Gators’ to start patrolling Metro parking garages

One of the \'gators\' that Metro employees will use to observe parking lots and garages. (Courtesy of WMATA)

WASHINGTON – Metro will start deploying enclosed golf cars called “gators” in parking garages in order to deter crime.

The “gators” are part of a new initiative by Metro Transit Police initiative to deter crime in parking facilitates around the system.

Crime spiked in the system last year — largely due to a big increase in thefts in parking garages and lots. But Metro says the crime rate has dropped in 2011.

The employees from various departments, including Metro Transit Police, will monitor the areas for suspicious behavior and will contact Metro Transit Police if they see anything that requires action or further investigation.

Metro says the patrols will work like a neighborhood watch, but won’t say exactly where the gators will be deployed. They say the patrols will be unannounced, and will move from location to location based on crime trends and requests from police.

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