Apps help save you money on auto repair

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – If you’re putting off a repair to your car, your smartphone may be able save you time and money before you stop by the garage.

RepairPal will let you know of a shop’s estimate of repair work is reasonable.

It provides a fair range of prices for particular repairs on your make and model in your area.

In addition, RepairPal will help you find a trusted repair shop near you.

It also offers pay-as-you-use-it roadside assistance, an alternative to other programs that normally make users pay a membership fee.

Another helpful app called BodyShopBids is being used by drivers in Chicago, and will be available soon in other cities.

You start by taking photos of the damage to your car, and submitting them as part of a damage report through the app.

Within 24 hours you get bids back from local, prescreened repair shops that want to fix your ride.

BodyShopBids says it can save customers as much as 70 percent. on car repairs.

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