A What’s Up: The Space Place roundup

Greg Redfern, wtop.com

I have finally completed my own personal IT upgrade to a more robust network, backup system, new ISP provider and operating platform. I have returned to Apple and Mac and must say I have missed it since trading in my old Mac IIci for IBM way back when. I have made some changes to What’s Up: The Space Place as well that are in keeping with what WTOP is trying to accomplish for its website readers.

To keep readers informed on what will be visible in the sky each week I will be including a new feature called “The Sky This Week.”

A link to the excellent Sky & Telescope website will give a day by day listing of what is happening in the sky for the upcoming week.

With each column I will continue to include an “Astrophoto of the Week” picked by me to share with you. I will also include at the beginning of each month “Down to Earth events” that detail star parties, astronomy club meetings and anything astro-related that you can participate in.

To provide a daily update and commentary on astronomy and space exploration, readers can go to my blog at WTTG-TV/Fox 5. This way I can get late breaking news directly to you. If the story is big enough I will follow up with a more in-depth story at WTOP just like I did on Comet Lovejoy.

Finally, readers can email me at skyguyinva@gmail.com with questions and comments. If you have a story you would like to see or a question you would like answered, send it in.

My goal is to bring the excitement and wonder of the Universe we live in right to you, with included links to trusted websites, each week you will be able to click your way to getting accurate and timely information. We are living in the golden age of astronomy and space exploration as discoveries are being made almost every single day – and night. What’s more, through the Internet we all have a ring side seat. I look forward to our journey.

Astrophoto of the Week: Comet Lovejoy beat the odds and survived its close encounter with the Sun on December 15th, 2011. Comet Lovejoy is seen in this Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) video coming close to the sun and then exiting.

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