Men with long commutes are happier, study says

The potholes on the Beltway are enough to drive anybody crazy. (WTOP Photo/Kristi King)

WASHINGTON – This may be hard to believe, but a Swedish study finds people who have commutes of more than an hour are happier than those with shorter commutes and those who take public transportation.

Researcher Erik Hansson finds commuters with longer commutes tend to travel routes that are more tranquil and that go through the countryside.

Those commuters tend to be higher-paid and healthier men, according to Men’s Health Magazine.

By sharp contrast, the study found people who take public transportation get less sleep and arrive at work more frazzled. Folks who bike to work are even worse off.

Here are some ideas to make your commute less painful:

  • Take the scenic route.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Don’t make the car too warm.
  • Change your mindset and focus on what you can control.

While some of these ideas might work, clearly, the Lund University researcher has never been stuck on Interstate 66 or the Capital Beltway.

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