Intelligence Community spared DoD furloughs

WASHINGTON – Department of Defense employees working in the Intelligence community will likely avoid furloughs, an Intelligence official said in a statement released late Tuesday.

In the statement, Director of Intelligence James Clapper said, “as DNI, I have a responsibility to preserve our ability to deliver the most insightful intelligence possible.”

Earlier Tuesday Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced that DoD civilians can expect 11 furlough days during the current fiscal year, which would save $30 million.

But according to Clapper he and Hagel discussed furloughs relating to DoD civilian employees funded through NIP saying they, “…agree that NIP funded DoD civilians are a critical element of the Intelligence community’s mission.”

Clapper also says budget cuts mandated by sequestration will require doing “less with less,” but that “our people are our most valuable asset and our mission depends on making sure intelligence professional are focused on the threats that face our nation.”

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