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Georgetown University offers free classes for furloughed feds

Furloughed federal employees can take select free courses at Georgetown University.

Monday - 10/14/2013, 09:03am EDT

Tags: Georgetown, free classes, furlough, thomas warren


House votes to give furloughed workers back pay

Congress and President Barack Obama are sending this message to the 800,000 sidelined government employees: We don't know when the impasses will end but you will get reimbursed for lost pay once the government reopens.

Saturday - 10/05/2013, 12:03pm EDT

Tags: government shutdown, back pay,

Contractors could be sent home if government shuts down

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees around the country could be furloughed if the federal government shuts down. But they're not the only ones whose jobs would be at risk. Federal contractors' jobs depend on the government operations too.

Wednesday - 09/25/2013, 07:20am EDT

Tags: shutdown, federal contractors, Francis Rose, Federal News Radio, federal workers, Congress, Joan Jones


Sequester cuts hit Walter Reed; staff members weigh in

Internal memos obtained by USA Today show that operating room hours have been cut, mental health beds reduced and routine appointments delayed.

Tuesday - 08/06/2013, 10:48am EDT

Tags: Paula Wolfson, Walter Reed, sequester, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Jim Moran, dick uliano, Dave McConnell


Furlough's effects on DoD employees

The furlough's effects on one Defense Department employee's life and paycheck.

Friday - 08/02/2013, 06:42am EDT

Tags: Department of Defense, furlough days, Megan Cloherty

Joint Base Andrews preps for water outage, reduces staffing levels

Joint Base Andrews is storing water and making plans to continue operating without public water as the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission's water outage nears.

Tuesday - 07/16/2013, 06:43pm EDT

Tags: water outage, WSSC, Joint Base Andrews, Andrews Air Force Base, federal employees,

'Furlough Friday' is set to the tune of 'Monday Monday'

On his own time John Martin, a civilian employee at the Pentagon, wrote the lyrics to a tune that will make furloughed feds laugh.

Tuesday - 07/09/2013, 10:15am EDT

Tags: furlough fridays, john t. martin iii,

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