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Dad takes photos of son for 21 years (VIDEO)

Tuesday - 11/13/2012, 12:31pm  ET

WASHINGTON - Most parents love to chronicle their kids' childhood with endless photos and videos of special occassions. But one English father took this to a whole new level by taking a picture of their son just about every day for 21 years.

The resulting time-lapse video has become a YouTube sensation - it has received almost 5 million hits since it was uploaded Sept. 26.

Ian McCleod told the Yorkshire Post the project began as a "daft" idea that gradually grew over time, reports Yahoo.

"I was thinking I could do it for one or two years at most but then you get to the point where you wonder if you'll regret it if you stop," he told the Post.

McCleod's son Cory told CBS News his dad would often interrupt play time with friends just to get the perfect shot.

Editing the six-minute video was a massive undertaking, McCleod said. It required going through 71 photo albums and uploading each picture individually onto his computer. That alone took more than a year.

Check out the finished product below:

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