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The keywords to get you dates online

Sunday - 2/9/2014, 5:56pm  ET

Be careful talking about cats when you date online. ( screenshot)

WASHINGTON - Ever wonder why your online dating profile isn't getting you dates? You might be using the wrong keywords. hoped to find out if there were specific key words that boosted the popularity of both men and women's dating profiles. They used data and information from dating sites OKCupid and

"I was surprised to see that ‘surfing' was such an incredibly popular word. It was a popular word for both men and women," says Wired senior editor Caitlin Roper. "Yoga" was also strong along with "skiing," "running," "London," "NYC" and "the ocean." Activities such as "dancing," "hiking" and "tennis" scored big.

Roper says,"Obviously there are words that conjure an attractive mate for people, they want to see them active and somehow telegraphing, I think, relaxed."

Watching the show "Homeland" was popular as was listening to the band Radiohead. But don't put down karaoke as a passion. It was a negative word for both sexes.

"Cats" is fine as a keyword but don't say "my cats." Roper says "It suggests maybe a level of too much closeness with your pets."

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