Redskins and Jets brawl in joint practice

RICHMOND, Va. — In 2015, the Houston Texans were in Richmond, Virginia, for three days of joint practices with the Redskins and multiple brawls ensued. So coming into three days of joint practices with the New York Jets this year, players knew there was a chance of something happening again.

It didn’t take long.

During the first 11-on-11 session of the day for the Redskins offense, Chris Thompson was running right and a Jets defender went low on Morgan Moses, who was out front blocking for Thompson.

There were some Redskins players felt that was a cheap shot and the first melee ensued. The fight even spilled over into the front row of fans before the teams were separated.

“It was a cheap shot and we reacted how we reacted,” Trent Williams said. “It’s always going to be like that. I’m not surprised; it’s going to happen every single time. There’s no repercussions out here, so things go a little further. It’s football.”

Players don’t see the benefit of fighting, especially the veterans who are trying to get ready for the season.

“I think it’s very unproductive,” Ryan Kerrigan said. “This is a chance for the 1’s and 2’s, who don’t get many reps in a preseason game, to get some quality work. I understand tempers flare and being hostile is part of being a football player, but you also have to be able to control it and not the your anger get the best of you.”

Chris Thompson is working his way back from a season-ending injury last year and said he needs all the reps he can get at this point.

“We’re not being productive and able to get things done,” he said. “At this point we’re not getting each other better.”

Count Chris Thompson and Josh Norman among the players that don’t want to see the joint practices continue.

“We’re going against someone else in these long practices and its gonna get chippy,” Thompson said. “Guys are going to want to fight. It happened with the Texans. But we continue to have joint practices.”

“It wasn’t like you didn’t know that was going to happen in the first place,” Norman added. “You have these joint practices. What do you expect to happen?”

The Redskins and Jets are scheduled to practice against each other for two more days.

As far as what Josh Norman hopes to get out of those practices: “I would like to get some good work, I really would.”

Let’s see if the teams are able to do that.

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