Basement trends for 2020

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Desk Space/Multi-purpose Learning and Play Room

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Movie Theater/Screening Room

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Gym/Fitness Room

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Photo credit: Value Dry Waterproofing


This year’s pandemic has caused people to be at home more often between working from home and virtual schooling. This mix has inspired many basement remodeling trends!

After all, you pay for your whole mortgage every month, so you should get to use your whole home. Why not reclaim your territory and turn your basement into a safe, cozy space for your family to learn?

Here are a few trends we’re seeing in basements:

  1. Desk Space/Multi-purpose Learning and Play Room

This one makes sense for this year of virtual schooling. Having desks that adorn the walls, whether built in or placed strategically, can allow the family to spread out and get comfortable. Speaking of getting comfortable, adding in some couches, futons, swings, and learning toys can make for a multi-purpose space for sensory play, relaxing, or logging into class!

  1. Movie Theater/Screening Room

Who doesn’t want to have movie theater experiences from the comfort of your own home? Put in a big screen, find some recliners, and create the movie room of your dreams. Don’t forget the popcorn!

  1. Gym/Fitness Room

With many fitness centers closing temporarily and limited in what they can offer, home gyms are popping up all over. Getting your fitness goals accomplished in the comfort of your own home… score!

  1. Bar/Kitchen

As the idea of gathering in small spaces like bars and restaurants is less appealing to many, inviting a few friends to your house for a night ‘in’ at your home while you play bartender is the way to go. So much fun in the safety of your own home with the people you love!

As you consider all of the awesome things YOU would like to do with your basement to extend your living space, remember that waterproofing that basement first to ensure the safety of your investment is critical. No one wants to spend their savings on a remodeling project to build the basement of their dreams and then have it ruined with the first heavy rainfall.

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