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Tips on finding middle-priced homes04/30/2017 12:54pm • [audio mp3="" hide_author="true" hide_date="true" title="Eldad Moraru of Long and Foster has advice for people seeking homes under $1 million."][/audio]Don't buy a house without heeding this advice03/19/2017 12:52pm • Are you in the market for a new home? Before you sign on the line, listen to Eldad Moraru of Long & Foster.The next yoga? Meditation studios multiply in DC area02/27/2017 02:01am • WASHINGTON — Stress is on the rise in the U.S., up 6.25 percent from August 2016 to January 2017, according to a report from the American Psychological Association — and stress levels in the nation’s capital are in line with the national average. “Washingtonians are doers, and they do aGet your house market-ready this spring with these tips02/12/2017 01:19pm • tips-getting-home-market-ready-springFor real estate, big changes already in 201701/15/2017 02:09pm • [audio mp3="" title="Eldad Moraru of Long and Foster chats with WTOP's Mike Murillo" date="January 15, 2017" author="WTOP"][/audio] WASHINGTON —  The new year has already brought big changes in the real estate market. As the inauguraWhy so few homes seem to be on the market12/11/2016 02:07pm • homes-seem-marketHow to get people to come see real estate listings10/24/2016 07:33pm • [audio mp3="" author="Eldad Moraru of Long and Foster talks with WTOP's Mike Murillo" title="The importance of photos in real estate listings"][/audio]Selling your home? Avoid these mistakes on your listing10/23/2016 07:11pm • // WASHINGTON -- When selling a home there is nothing that can prevent a sale more than the listing. Your listing gets mere seconds of a possible buyers attention as they browse through the many available homes, so what you display must leave people wanting to see more. Eldad Moraru of LSelling a home? Start preparing early08/07/2016 12:36pm • Are you about to sell your home? Interview realtors, contractors early. Plan ahead and start de-cluttering your home.  Fact or Myth: Is it better to sell a home after election season?07/24/2016 07:52pm • Are you looking for a home to buy and wondering why there are so few properties to choose from? You're not alone. WTOP's Mike Murrillo talked with Eldad Moraru of Long & Foster,  who says now is the perfect time to sell your home.Eldad Moraru, live from Rolling Thunder05/29/2016 12:49pm • [audio mp3="" title="Long & Foster's Eldad Moraru talks motorcycles, honoring veterans for Memorial Day" author="WTOP"][/audio] Long & Foster's Eldad Moraru takes a break from his weekly real estate chat with WTOP to taHow to stay on top of the real estate market -- and get the home you want05/22/2016 12:35pm • WTOP talks to Eldad Moraru from Long & Foster about what home buyers need to do to seal their perfect deal.What home sellers don't tell you about lead04/07/2016 05:22am • EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part 4 of a special report examining D.C.’s drinking water.  WASHINGTON — If you're looking to buy a house in the region, there's something you should know. Eldad Moraru, from Long & Foster, says current rules do not obligate sellers to disclose knowledge of leaHow to spot red flags with bidders02/28/2016 01:44pm • WTOP talks to Eldad Moraru from Long & Foster about receiving offers and mitigating risk.Where are all the homes to buy?01/17/2016 12:58pm • Eldad Moraru of Long & Foster talks about home inventory and how it's not as bad as it looks.  See his full report here.