This is How Much it Costs to Go to a Music Festival in 2024

Bringing in hundreds of thousands of guests for a weekend, music festivals are popular, high-energy events where attendees can see dozens of their favorite artists in a short time.

These events are beloved not only for bringing together top performers, food and experiences, but also because you can spend less money than you would to see several individual shows.

That said, music festivals are still expensive — especially if you have to travel to attend them. Seat Geek estimates the average music festival ticket ranges between $200 and $600, but that doesn’t account for food and drink, travel or other purchases you might need to budget for.

With all this in mind, can a music festival still fit into your budget? Read on for more about the costs you should consider before purchasing a pass and if it makes financial sense for you.

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Music Festival Costs

When you just look at ticket costs, music festivals seem like a great deal. Tickets ranging from $200 to $600 typically include access to dozens of shows. With the average concert ticket more than $100, the price per show is remarkably low, and therefore inexpensive — at least according to girl math.

Unfortunately, ticket prices are just the tip of the iceberg, Adrianna Adams, certified financial planner and head of financial planning at Domain Money, said in an email.

“Depending on the festival, you might spend anywhere from $800 to $3,000 for tickets, travel, accommodations, food and drink, depending on the level of luxury you prefer,” she said.

Here are four costs to consider before attending a music festival:

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1. Tickets

The most obvious cost associated with attending a music festival is your entry ticket itself. The actual cost of your ticket will vary significantly based on the festival, how long you attend and the tier of access you purchase.

For instance, compare 2024 and 2025 costs of general admission to VIP tickets for a full weekend (three to four days, depending on the festival) at three popular festivals below:

Festival GA Admission Cost VIP Admission Cost
Coachella (2025) Starting at $499 Starting at $1,069
Lollapalooza (2024) Starting at $409 Starting at $1,670
Austin City Limits (2024) Starting at $380 Starting at $1,760

These base costs also vary on what amenities they include; extras like parking, transportation or special entry access can boost the price.

2. Food and Drink

During a sweaty weekend filled with lots of walking, jumping around and other activities, staying fed and hydrated are important. Unfortunately, the prices of food and drink at music festivals have gained notoriety for being extravagant.

You’ll need to be prepared to either pack your own food and drinks (if allowed by the festival) or shell out a premium.

3. Travel and Accommodations

If you don’t live in the city where the music festival is taking place, you’ll have to budget for travel and a place to stay as well. While you can try and pinch pennies by road-tripping and camping instead of staying in a hotel (depending on the festival), costs can still be high. Finding a cheap flight could be even more difficult, as festival weekends are typically considered “peak” travel season in their destinations.

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4. Other Miscellaneous Costs

Basics aside, there are other costs that you’ll need to be prepared for ahead of your music festival trip. Want to go all out on an extravagant outfit to match influencers or your favorite artist? Don’t forget to build a budget for clothes, makeup and accessories.

You also might be tempted by merchandise or souvenirs you weren’t expecting, so having some padding in your budget can allow for those purchases.

Are Music Festivals Worth the Cost?

All in all, it’s not as simple as music festivals costing less than several individual concerts. Between travel, food and ticket prices, attending a festival can be an expensive experience, so whether or not it fits into your lifestyle will depend on your own financial priorities.

“Personal finance is unique to each individual, tailored to what you prioritize and value. Many of my clients feel happy and fulfilled spending around $3,000 to $5,000 annually on entertainment, which includes sporting event tickets, concert and festival passes and streaming service subscriptions,” Adams said.

A healthy budget includes both “needs” like housing and groceries and “wants” like entertainment and travel, so for some, music festivals can fill the latter category. Just make sure you plan for all the hidden costs and don’t sacrifice any of the purchases you need to make in order to attend.

“Deciding in advance whether your music festival expenses will come from your entertainment or travel budget can help you maximize your happiness and financial satisfaction,” Adams said.

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