Reasons to Quit Your Job

Should you join the “Great Resignation” and quit your job? While the pandemic has caused many professionals to reevaluate their careers, the question of if you are in the right career isn’t anything new. Even before the pandemic, many professionals were not engaged in their careers. But before jumping ship, make sure that you have a good reason for quitting your job.

Consider the following reasons to quit your job:

You get no joy from your job.

While it’s normal to go through a rough patch in your career from time to time, if you consistently find that you do not enjoy your work, this is a good reason to look for something else that brings you greater fulfillment.

A toxic work culture.

A negative work culture can make even the best job a terrible experience. This can take a toll on your overall mental and physical health, even making you feel sick. If you find that there is no way to improve the situation with your co-workers or management, this can indicate that it’s time to find a job with a better environment.

There is no room for career growth.

If the company you work for doesn’t have any programs in place for career development or growth, this can leave you feeling stagnant and unfulfilled. If you dream of a high management position, it’s likely time to look for a new job in a company that will allow you to keep climbing the career ladder.

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You want greater work-life balance.

Many professionals have discovered that they want to continue working remotely or in a hybrid position. Or perhaps you simply want more flexibility with your schedule or vacation time. If this is important to you and your company is unwilling to negotiate new terms for your position, you will want to look for a company that places a higher value on work-life balance.

Your salary is too low.

While compensation shouldn’t be the most important factor when looking for a new job, your position should compensate you fairly based on your experience and years with the company. If you have spoken with your superiors and they are unwilling or unable to raise your salary or negotiate other benefits, it may also be time to move on to something else.

You have had a life change.

Major life changes, like having a baby, can be a huge factor in deciding to quit your job. Whether you have decided that you no longer need to work or need to find something part-time or gig-based, in this case don’t feel guilty for quitting your job. Instead, enjoy your new chapter in life.

You are relocating.

While remote work options are more common than ever, if you are moving to a new location, it may not be possible to keep your current job. If you are open to keeping your job, discuss your options and plan with your superiors. If not, give them as much notice as possible once your move is confirmed.

You want to change careers.

If you determine that your current industry is no longer right for you and want to transition to a new industry, this is also a good reason to quit your job. Have a solid transition plan in place before quitting your job, since you may need to receive additional education or training to qualify for a position in your new industry.

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The company you work for isn’t flourishing.

Many companies are hurting due to the shutdowns during the pandemic. If you see that layoffs or furloughs are continuing, this can be a red flag that the company you work for is in trouble financially. Make discreet inquiries and do some research online about how the company you work for is doing. Then, it might be best to look for a new job before your position is affected permanently.

You want to further your education.

If you decide that you want to go back to school full time, you may be unable to keep your current job due to time constraints. But, before quitting your job, it may be worthwhile to discuss your plans with your superiors and how furthering your education may benefit the company. Some organizations provide support for employees who want to further their education, so make sure you are aware of your options.

You or a loved one have an illness.

Perhaps you have been diagnosed with an illness that will make it difficult for you to continue working. Or, if you will be the main caretaker for a loved one who has a serious illness, this will also affect your job. In these cases, talk to your human resources department and do careful research to know what options are available to you through your organization and in your state.

You have been offered your dream job.

Sometimes job opportunities unexpectedly become available. If you are being offered your dream job, don’t let it pass by. This is one of the best reasons to quit your current job.

You need a different schedule.

Your current job may not provide you with a schedule that works with day care or other personal responsibilities. Find out if it’s possible to request a shift change or to make slight adjustments in your current schedule. If not, look for a job with a better schedule.

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Your values don’t align with the company’s values.

This may seem like it’s easy enough to ignore, but when you ignore your values or you don’t agree with the company’s values, this greatly diminishes the joy and pride that you should feel when accomplishing tasks. Too much time is spent at work to not really enjoy it. This is another solid reason to look for a new job.

You regularly dream of quitting or being fired.

You may have an entirely different reason for wanting to quit your job aside from the ones listed above. In the end, if your job leaves you regularly dreaming of quitting, you probably should. Just make sure to identify what you really want out of your career to make sure that you don’t feel that way about your next position.

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