10 Best Part-Time Jobs to Pay the Bills

Part-time jobs that pay well

Sometimes part-time jobs are dream jobs. Whether you have children and want a career without full-time hours, or you’re a college student or retiree looking for a way to earn extra money, a part-time career may fit the bill. And, of course, sometimes part-time jobs are simply a way to survive.

Whatever your reasons for looking for part-time work, part-time pay doesn’t always mean poor wages in a dead-end job. Many pay reasonably well.

The following careers placed high in the U.S. News Best Jobs ranking and provide opportunities for part-time workers. These are also occupations that can be full-time jobs, and many require some level of education or expertise. Hourly wage data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Average hourly wages: $23.55

Physical therapists decide how patients should be treated. The physical therapist assistant is the one who works the most with the patient, however, making sure the treatment plan is implemented.

If you take on this job — which typically requires an associate degree from an accredited program and a license or certification — you’ll probably work in a hospital or a physical therapist’s practice. You’ll also probably be on your feet a decent amount — after all, you’re helping people become more mobile. And chances are, you’ll be working a prearranged schedule Monday through Friday. These tend to not be weekend and evening jobs.

Learn more about physical therapist assistants.

Dental Hygienist

Average hourly wages: $36.65

As long as you get along with the dentist you work for, this could be a pretty low-stress job. You’ll work in a dentist’s office, and however many hours you work, it’ll probably be during regular working hours Monday through Friday, given that most dentist practices aren’t open on the weekends — and typically aren’t open in the evenings.

As you probably know, a dental hygienist cleans a patient’s teeth, removing tartar, stains and plaque — before the dentist checks to see how the patient’s teeth are faring. You’ll need at least an associate degree for this job.

Learn more about dental hygienists.

Interpreter and Translator

Average hourly wages: $24.92

Interpreters and translators are communicators, allowing people of different languages, including sign language, to understand each other. Generally, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree to land this job — and, of course, fluency in another language.

It’s nice work if you can get it, as the song goes — and maybe you can get it, since the field is projected to grow 20% by 2029, according to the BLS. If you are hired as an interpreter or translator, you’ll likely work in a professional setting, such as a school, hospital, courtroom or a company’s office.

Learn more about interpreters and translators.

Massage Therapist

Average hourly wages: $20.59

Massage therapists are never accused of being out of touch. With their know-how, they manipulate patients’ muscles to alleviate pain, relieve stress and help heal injuries.

While a massage therapist might work in an office setting, like a chiropractor’s office, 35% of massage therapists are self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This makes it an occupation that’s easy to do part time (or full time). If you’re self-employed, you’ll be making your own schedule and probably be traveling to clients’ homes or offices.

Learn more about massage therapists.

Physical Therapist Aide

Average hourly wages: $23.55

Generally, physical therapist aides either help the physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant with patients.

It isn’t glamorous work, but it’s important: You’ll be washing linens, sanitizing treatment areas and equipment and performing clerical tasks. You’ll interact with patients, too.

This profession lends itself well to part-time work (as well as full-time work). You’ll likely work weekdays in the practice of a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist or possibly a hospital or nursing care facility.

Learn more about physical therapist aides.

Nail Technician

Average hourly wages: $12.39

If you’ve ever had a manicure or pedicure, you know what a nail technician is (they clean, file, trim and polish one’s fingernails and toenails). You’ll find them at salons, spas and the occasional barber shop.

As a part-time nail technician, you might work all sorts of hours, since many salons and spas are open in the evenings and on weekends. The good news is that you’re not on your feet a lot; you’ll be sitting much of the time, though you may find yourself hunched over more than you’d like.

One big selling point is that if you like people, you’ll probably like this job.

Learn more about nail technicians.

Taxi Driver

Average hourly wages: $12.49

As you know, this is a profession in which you take people from place to place in a taxi. That said, these days you might work for a ride hailing company like Uber and drive your own car as a taxi.

Driving people around in a taxi or a limousine, for that matter, is very much a career in which you can work part time or full time. Particularly as a taxi driver or working for a ride hailing company, you can work all hours, which means that you can probably fit it in as a part-time gig whenever you want — early morning, late at night, weekends or right in the middle of a workday.

Learn more about taxi drivers.

Maintenance and Repair Worker

Average hourly wages: $18.79

Generally, maintenance and repair workers work at companies, like a hotel, apartment complex or hospital — places where things typically break and need to be fixed.

As with every job on this list, you may find full-time work, but you can probably find plenty of part-time positions. A lot of companies are willing to hire part-time workers but may not pay full-time health benefits. (Still, there are companies that offer health insurance to part-time workers.)

Learn more about maintenance and repair workers.


Average hourly wages: $26.52

In this profession, you’ll probably work for a plumbing company, but perhaps you will find a part-time job at a factory or other business.

While there are a lot of full-time plumbers, there’s often a lot of work for plumbers in general — especially those willing to work off-hours, evenings and weekends, when there are emergencies.

This is definitely not a desk job. Expect to be moving about a lot and possibly wiggling into tight spots, as you install, tinker with and repair pipes.

Learn more about plumbers.

Recreation and Fitness Worker

Average hourly wages: $12.67

These may be jobs at summer camps, parks or sometimes community centers that offer activities like dancing and karate. As you can imagine, you’ll be active on the job.

The pay isn’t sky high, but these jobs tend to be fun and not too stressful if you like engaging with people. This can be a great job for a college student or parent who wants to work during the day but be home when the kids get out of school. It’s also good for anyone who wants to get paid for being physically active.

Learn more about recreation and fitness workers.

Best part-time jobs:

— Physical Therapist Assistant.

— Dental Hygienist.

— Interpreter and Translator.

— Massage Therapist.

— Physical Therapist Aide.

— Nail Technician.

— Taxi Driver.

— Maintenance and Repair Worker.

— Plumber.

— Recreation and Fitness Worker.

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