Practice These 6 Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Sex Life

Yoga is a lot like sex. Both experiences allow you to get to know yourself intimately, develop your abilities and share them with others. Practicing yoga can also enhance your sex life by helping you get comfortable with your body and your ability to communicate honestly with your partner. Try these poses to make a good thing great:

1. Meditation in Hero’s Pose

Why: Meditation heightens your awareness and makes you more sensitive to every sensation. You become attuned to your partner’s touch, and his or her response to the quality of your touch. Deep breathing relaxes your body and focuses your mind so when it’s time to perform in the bedroom, you are not distracted or nervous. Physically, hero’s pose stretches your low back, legs and feet, so you are pain-free and comfortable in nearly any sex position.

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How: Kneel on your mat with your knees hips-width apart and your shins just wide enough to sit between them. If your hips do not touch the floor or if your knees hurt, sit up on a prop. Tilt your pelvis to a neutral position and sit heavy on your hips. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out through your nose. Every inhale, create a lift all the way up to the crown of your head with your shoulders back. As you exhale, continue to sit tall. Count your breaths up to 10 and back down. If you lose count, start again at one. At the end of five to 10 minutes of breathing, release and sit still for several more minutes.

2. Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Why: This position improves mobility and range of motion in your groin, inner thighs and hips, which is important to get into, hold and enjoy even the most basic sex moves. It also allows you to get into and hold more mobile positions longer so you can enjoy sex without discomfort.

How: Lie on your back with the soles of your feet touching and your knees bent and opened wide toward the sides. Place props under your thighs to protect your hip flexors and back. Rest your hands on your torso and breathe deeply for about three minutes. Feel your whole torso rise and fall with your breath. Every exhale, allow your legs and torso to relax down.

3. Bridge

Why: Practice bridge to build strength and awareness in your pelvic floor. This slight engagement makes all the difference while having sex. Bridge also builds power in your glutes and hips, while creating a release in your back and hip flexors.

How: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Set the back of your head down so your chin is perpendicular to the floor. Place your feet straight forward and hips-width apart. Root your feet down and lift your hips and low back up. As much as your feet and knees do not turn out, drive your tailbone toward the ceiling. Either clasp your hands underneath you or place your arms alongside you — whichever helps you get your shoulders more underneath you. Hold for five breaths, lower your hips to the floor and press your hands against the root of your thighs.

4. Forearm Plank

Why: A little bit of strength goes a long way to improve sex. It helps both with confidence, libido and muscle stamina. Forearm plank builds power in your core, legs, glutes, arms, back and shoulders. This pose is great to get strong while minimizing the risk of strain and injury.

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How: While on your belly, place your forearms underneath you so your elbows are under your shoulders. Interlace your fingers, tuck your toes under and lift your hips up into a plank shape. Without moving your forearms or feet, engage your muscles as if you were pulling them toward one another. If you are working on strength or your hips collapse toward the ground, modify the pose by lowering to your knees. Relax your gaze and your jaw. Hold for 10 breaths and lower back down to the floor.

5. Pigeon

Why: Pigeon opens your gluteus medius, or outer hip. This is where most people unknowingly tend to clench while they are stressed or straining to have sex. When your hips are more open, it helps you to relax your hips and prevent them from cramping. Hip-openers like pigeon are the best poses to protect your knees, which are prone to injury while maneuvering during sex.

How: From down dog, bring your right knee behind your right wrist and angle your shin across your mat. Lower your back knee to the ground gently and square your hips. Come down onto your forearms and take five full breaths. As your hips open, slide your back leg farther back. Make sure your hips do not sway. Repeat on the left side.

6. Supine Hamstring Stretch

Why: Open your hamstrings and nearly every bedroom posture will become more comfortable. This pose keeps low-back tightness and tired, achy legs at bay. Any discomfort during sex will distract and inhibit you. Reclined poses give you the most stability, which makes them some of the best therapeutic techniques to clear back pain while stretching your legs.

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How: Start supine with your feet and knees pointing up and your pelvis neutral. Bend your right knee, and hold the back of your right thigh with your hands. Press the back of your thigh against your hands to tilt your pelvis up. Slowly straighten your right leg and flex your foot. You should be able to theoretically balance a glass on the sole of your foot. This ensures you are engaging your foot and stretching all of your hamstrings evenly. As your hamstrings open, walk your hands up the back of your leg, and draw your leg toward your face. Hold for five breaths and repeat on the second side.

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