Tips to make your job search easier

Like sleep apnea, a lack of oxygen and breathing during email apnea prompt a \'\'fight or flight\'\' response. (WTOP/Nick Iannelli)
Susan Joyce, editor of job-hunt.org, says searching yourself on Google can help in the job hunt.

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 1:56 am

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WASHINGTON – “People don’t know how to get a job,” says Susan Joyce, editor of job-hunt.org.

There is a process that your resume may go through, according to Joyce, especially in a business that has 100 or more employees.

The business may use an applicant-tracking program. If you have the right skills for the job and the right key words on your resume, this computer program will push your resume to the next level of scrutiny.

So what is a key word? Joyce says they are abilities, job titles or specific skills employers are looking for like the ability to use Microsoft Office or social media. These key words are found in the job posting or description.

“The job description may say Microsoft Office and the applicant has put down his experiences with Microsoft products,” says Joyce, who also edits Work Coach Caf