It’s what the Internet was designed for

Lacey Mason,

WASHINGTON – While the Internet offers us access to a plethora of educational information and tools to live our lives better and more efficiently, some of us know what it’s really for: cats and procrastination.

But is there a website that can perfectly blend these two phenomena? Can the Internet, as vast and powerful as it is, really handle the offspring of such powerful forces?

Started in December of 2011, Procatinator takes the best of the Web’s cats and combines them with our natural inclination to avoid doing things.

A random GIF of a cat doing a strange cat-thing will load as well as some fitting music.

And that’s it. Yet, it’s really so much more.

The music ranges from techno remixes, classic oldies, old school hip hop and the ridiculous. That’s it. But every time you visit you get a new cat and a new song – and you never know what you’ll receive.

Here are the direct links to some of my favorites.

OK, I need to stop. Because in reality, they’re all my favorites. And I need to stop procatinating, I mean, procrastinating and get back to some real work.

As far as the “how and why” of the website, the developers simply offer us this page. It links to the creators’ portfolios, but more or less says the goal is to make you laugh, and they hope they succeeded. If you really love what you see, the site does have a little store.

I did save the best cat-music combo for last though. When I first discovered this site last year, I emailed the link to a friend. Maybe it’s mean that I find it so hilarious but, if you’re like me, you’ll replay it again and again.


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