FAA transcript: Pilot asks ‘What happened?’

WASHINGTON – Here is part of the conversation air traffic controllers and pilots had related to the averted collision near Ronald Reagan Washington National.

The conversation below comes from a Federal Aviation Administration recording and is courtesy of CBS News, via LiveATC.net:


CONTROLLER IN DCA TOWER: Brickyard 3329, turn right heading 180. PILOT OF US AIRWAYS FLIGHT ARRIVING AT DCA: 180 and uh, we were cleared at the river back there. What happened?

CONTROLLER: Brickyard 3329, standby. We’re, we’re trying to figure this out too. Standby.

CONTROLLER: Alright. Brickyard 3329, climb maintain 2000, heading of 180 and contact final so it’s on 12475.

PILOT 3329, are we still landing 1-9 or are we going -? (crosstalk) Okay, we really don’t have the fuel for this. (crosstalk) CONTROLLER TO DIFFERENT PILOT: We’ve got a temporary stop on all departures right now. I’ll get you guys out as soon as I can. PILOT: We gotta get on the ground here pretty quick.

CONTROLLER: And everybody standby. We’ve got a couple of opposite direction arrivals so it’s gonna be be a little of a delay on your departures.

CONTROLLER: We are now turning the airport around and going southbound.

CONTROLLER TO DIFFERENT PILOT: We, uh – We had an issue earlier so that’s why you weren’t getting a response.

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