Arlington resident has the world’s largest natural breasts (VIDEO)

An Arlington resident will be profiled on the TLC show Strange Sex this weekend. The reason? She has the world’s largest natural breasts.

Annie Hawkins-Turner, also known in the world of fetish modeling by her stage name Norma Stitz, recently moved to the Fairlington section of Arlington from Atlanta, Georgia. In a preview of the show (above), the 53-year-old talks to TLC about being bullied in school — “kids would point and stare… I wasn’t able to sit at the desk like other kids” — and her decision to not get breast reduction surgery — “why fix something that’s not broken,” she said.

Hawkins-Turner has a rare condition called gigantomastia that has caused her breasts to grow so big — her bra size is 102ZZZ — that they now weigh 85 pounds. She says she’s used to attracting attention where ever she goes.

“No one looks like me,” Hawkins-Turner said. “I’m one in a million.”

In addition to being featured on the show, Hawkins-Turner was featured on the website Gawker today.

Strange Sex will air on Sunday, July 15, at 10:00 p.m.