Study: Dems, GOP can’t agree on Xbox, Dunkin’ Donuts

WASHINGTON – Just when it seemed that partisan gridlock couldn’t get any worse, now congressional taste extends to commercial brands.

A new study from shows the preference for some brands among members of Congress is about as similar as red and blue.

Republicans prefer BMWs insured by Allstate, while Democrats opt for Jeeps with Progressive insurance. GOPers buy Sharp electronics to watch the History Channel or baseball, while Dems spend their money on Sony equipment for Animal Planet and football.

But all is not lost for Capitol Hill compromise. There are a few items on which both sides see eye-to-eye. Coke and Google cross the party divide, as does Olay beauty brand.

Check out the full breakdown of politicos’ most-desired preferences:

Democrats Republicans
Car Jeep BMW
Electronics Sony Sharp
Insurance Progressive Allstate
TV channel Animal Planet History Channel
Restaurant Wendy’s Subway
Sports NFL MLB
Coffee shop Starbucks Dunkin’ donuts
Gaming system Wii Xbox

And the few things on which they agree:

Beverage Coca-Cola
Financial service Visa
Internet brand Google
Technology Apple
Beauty brand Olay

The study was conducted with what Buyology calls “rigorous quantitative tools” using a combination of medical, neurological and social sciences. The organization claims to be able to tap into the “deeper, nonconscious, 85 percent of human decision-making” that controls consumers’ choices in brands.

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