Montgomery Co. family launches new search for missing children

Family members searched the 253-acre Goshen Recreational Park in Montgomery County on Saturday. Another search is planned for Sunday.

WASHINGTON — Two Montgomery County children have been missing for more than a year, but their family hasn’t given up hope.

After launching their own investigation into the children’s disappearance, the family led a new  search of the 253-acre Goshen Recreational Park in Montgomery County on Saturday and will be there again on Sunday.

“We just feel like there’s an area that’s been missed that would actually have a high possibility of being a place that she would take them to, if she did something to them,” said Troy Turner, the children’s father.

Jacob and Sarah were last with their mother, Catherine Hoggle, in September 2014 and haven’t been seen since. Their mother suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is at a psychiatric facility. She has only said the children are with a friend.

Since their disappearance, the children’s father has continued to search, and with the help of a private investigator, he has tried to retrace the steps of Catherine Hoggle on the day the kids disappeared.

“We feel like the information is there, it’s either been interpreted wrong or God forbid, it’s actually been missed due to missteps in the beginning,” Turner said.

Turner said he still holds on to hope that his children are alive, but he says the search of the park is not for living children.

“We look as hard as we can and pray we find nothing,” he said.

Turner said he won’t stop searching for his children and is planning similar events later this year.

“That doesn’t even cross my mind to give up on my children in way shape or form,” he said.

Turner is asking for volunteers to help them with the search.

Registration will take place at Goshen Recreational Park at 8:30 a.m. The park is located at 22330 Wildcat Road in Germantown, directly across from Butlers Orchard.

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