Fairfax Co. rolls out life-saving windshield decal program

WASHINGTON — A yellow sticker on your rear windshield could potentially save your life in an emergency. If you are a Fairfax County resident, now you can get one for free.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue is now rolling out the “Yellow Dot” program, according to a video released on their website. The program, which has been implemented in counties across the nation, is simple: Residents can get a kit that includes a yellow sticker for the back windshield on the driver’s side of their car, along with a medical card to fill out and place in the glove box. Participants also need to attach a recent photo of themselves to the medical card.

The yellow sticker could end up being a person’s voice if they are in a car wreck or have a medical emergency while driving that leaves them unconscious. The sticker quickly communicates to first responders to look for the card that holds the person’s vital medical information, such as medical allergies or any medications they are taking.

This information could mean the difference between life and death in a situation where every second counts, Captain Rex Strickland with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue said in the video.

“It provides the first responders with critical lifesaving information during the ‘golden hour’ of a medical emergency or vehicle accident,” Strickland said. The “golden hour” refers to the window of time during which a victim is thought to have the highest chance for survival if given medical attention.

To participate in the program, Fairfax residents should call or visit their local fire stations.

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