With RG3 injured, now what?

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III fumbles the ball as he's sacked by Detroit Lions defensive end Tyrunn Walker, top, and defensive end Ezekiel Ansah, right, during the first half of an NFL preseason football game, Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

WASHINGTON — Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Robert Griffin III suffers an injury and is forced to leave the game.

Griffin took a beating in Thursday night’s preseason win over the Lions and eventually had to leave the game with a concussion after four series.

Left tackle Trent Williams did not play, and his backup, Willie Smith, was a revolving door on the left side. Along with that, the right side of the line is very young and inexperienced.

All that adds up to what we saw last night: Griffin had no time to really do anything, and it was evident from the start that this was not going to be a good night to grade the quarterback.

The numbers don’t lie: In four series last night, Griffin dropped back eight times; he was hit six times, sacked three times, fumbled twice and had a batted ball. Facing the kind of pressure he faced, nobody is going to succeed.

Some of the postgame blame was aimed at Jay Gruden. After the beating Griffin took, why did the coach send him out for that fourth series?

“We weren’t doing that well on offense,” Gruden said. “I wanted to get something going on offense. A lot of quarterbacks play into the second quarter in a preseason game. Football is a tough sport. We wanted to get something going offensively. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.”

I agree with Gruden on that front, and there’s no secret that Griffin needs to play with this offense to get in rhythm and keep progressing toward Week One against Miami.

It’s football; it’s part of the game, and being pressured while trying to protect yourself is part of the game as well. The only way for these guys to get better is to play. I get all of that.

That said, given the beating Griffin had taken in just three short series, I don’t know whether there was any way Gruden and the coaches were going to be able to evaluate the first-team offense. He should have pulled Griffin. At that point, it shouldn’t have been about trying to get something going, but about protecting him. The offensive line was very bad, and that wasn’t going to improve, so there was no need to draw any more attention to that.

So now what?

Next week is the all-important third preseason game — the one that teams generally treat most like a regular-season game. If Griffin can’t play, Gruden is going to have to make a tough decision. There’s no secret that Griffin is the starter, and Gruden said after the game that he would remain the starter. He will be given every opportunity to start the season and prove he is an NFL quarterback.

On the other hand, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy have both played well this preseason, and have made their cases to be the starting quarterback.

So, if Griffin were to miss the final two preseason games, would you put him out there week one against the Dolphins and Ndamukong Suh?  Have you seen anything from this first-team offense yet that gives you any confidence that this team is going to be any different from the last two years?

It’s only Week Two of the preseason. Buckle up; this is going to get bumpy.

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  • WebJohnson

    Give RG his severance check and tell him it’s been real and it’s been nice but it ain’t been real nice.
    The Redskins have a great team if RG is let go and Dan Snyder leaves the team alone to be run by the people he pays good money to do that.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    “Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Robert Griffin III suffers an injury and is forced to leave the game.”

    BAHAHAHAH! That’s classic!


      Yeah I thought the same thing, I totally busted out laughin at my desk on that one.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    Come on man, really. Give up on Griffin. Take that brass ring from him and hand it to Cousins or something. You’re killing yourselves by sticking with Griffin.

    • WebJohnson

      Two years simply wasted already.
      Come on Dan.

    • im_a_libertarian

      Cousins sucks. He’s done OK as a reliever. He’s horrid as a starter.

      We can pick up Tim Tebow when the Eagles cut him. That will be a HUGE step up from our current crop of QBs…

  • WalterWhite

    So this is the best QB in the NFL…..you have to be kidding me, Griffin is a joke. After three TCs, holding his hand and treating him like some pirma donna, first it was McVay to hold his hand, then it was a new QB coach to be his little blue blanket and you see the end result. He was getting creamed while he was in the game so maybe now he will keep his big mouth shut. I don’t have any sympathy for a guy who has NEVER had to compete to win the starting QB role. Its time for our former drunk GM to realize this guy is not the answer and move on. The longer the team holds on to Griffin, the worse it gets and this team will NEVER have a chance to move on until they realize Griffin is one of the worst draft picks in NFL history surely the worst pick WAS has ever made and just live with it…he stinks.

    But that’s the real problem with our team, he just really might be the best QB we have and that’s the real problem…we don’t have an NFL caliber QB on the roster..not even a marginal QB. Just to remind you, these three losers have a “combined” record over the last two years of eight wins….that’s eight wins in 32 games. Each one of them would be a third string backup on any other team. And our so called GM did NOTHING during the draft or free agency to even bring even ONE new or veteran QB onto camp….genus? The GM is a joke. And now we just might have to play the season with one of these three losers under center….4-12…that actually might be wishful thinking. Buh bye Griffin and Gruden.

    • Apu Bugolligosh

      Cousins could do it, but they’re so wrapped up and invested in Griffin that they’re unwilling to hand him the ball and take the time to properly bring him along.

      • WalterWhite

        I am not convinced Cousins, COULD, do it…his record is as dismal’s as Griffins. He’s also had three years to prove he could be a reliable NFL QB. Again, lets be clear about this, Grudens O scheme doesn’t need a great QB to run it…an average QB would be sufficient. But we don’t have one on this roster. I think and I might be wrong about this but I think Cousins has thrown more interceptions than TDs and his won loss record is, dismal being kind. I simply don’t think any of these three are even mediocre….their record speaks to that. But like it or not, we are probably stuck with the three Amigo’s. At least the original three Amigo’s, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short were funny, these three are just a bad joke.

  • Griefman

    Why doesn’t Annapolis have a professional football team?
    Because then, DC would want one also.

  • The old Sarge

    I have watched this team for more than fifty years and remember well the good old days of hogs, Riggo, and smurfs.

    This young man, RG3, is not going to make it especially if the offensive line cant keep the defense off of him.

    That is not rocket science but just common sense.

  • im_a_libertarian

    What now? How about we get rid of this sorry, injury-prone, excuse for a QB?

    He’d do well in the Lingerie Football League. Maybe. If he doesn’t get hurt.

    • ktzmom13

      There’s the Puppy Bowl.

    • Cybrsk8r

      He should look good in a sports bra and booty shorts.


    Man Detroit’s defense planned their attack to shut this braggart DOWWWWWN!! I am starting to believe that his “game” is – make everyone believe he’s the greatest QB, collect fat paychecks, get injured, not have to work for those paychecks, EVER. He is such a joke. I SOOOO hope Saturday Night Live is watching this and planning some skits, this joke just writes itself, and the author? RG3!!! I mean he has GOT to feel like a total azzjack right now, much like that gay player Sam whatshisname, I’m sure he’s totally wishin he had kept his big mouth shut!

    • ktzmom13

      Has he ever had a season in which he is not injured and out for some period of time? I think it’s time for him to go. He’s too delicate.

    • WalterWhite

      And DET didn’t even have two of its best defensive players on the field….Griffin has proven time and time again, he is his own worst enemy. Do you see other QBs in the league year in and year out making the same outrageous statements…..he is just more talk than he is play. He is an injury waiting to happen and the team needs to get the courage to finally admit drafting him was worst mistake the team has ever made and one of the worst flops in NFL….Ryan Leaf, move over, you are no longer the biggest failure in the NFL.

  • Wally Cleaver

    “He’s dead, Jim”

    • Cybrsk8r

      Shouldn’t that be, “He’s dead, Jay”.

      • Wally Cleaver

        I was quoting Dr. McCoy from Star Trek. They wouldn’t let me post it under the pic with RG3andout lying on the field and the group of veterinarians looking down at his dented body.

  • Fritzer

    I think he need a new doo. Yep, lose those dreadlocks and get those things out of his line of vision. He also needs to move around in the pocket more. Hope the young fellow’s not hurt too bad.

  • Maj Frank Burns

    Clearly this is the teams fault. The team and coaching staff let RG down yesterday, and as a result the best QB in the league was not able to shine and got injured. To be honest, RG needs to demand a trade to a team that is worthy of his skills; the Redskins clearly do not deserve the best QB in the league.

    • ktzmom13

      This is the team’s fault. RG3 pi$$3d them off with his “I am the Greatest” speech and they decided to take him down a peg or two by letting him get knocked around by some 300 lb. Lions.

  • Wally Cleaver

    I say if he gets hurt on the field one more time we put him down. Or send him to my grandpa’s farm where all of my other dogs went…

  • RossPass

    Three days ago you all were man hugging and high fives for rg3. Then it’s Strasburg . Then it’s Harper. Then it’s Ovie

  • Rick Amaro

    Can’t read defense, hold on to the ball to long, looks like a deer in the headlights, why was he named the starter is beyond me. Come on Dan move on, give cousins a try.

  • im_a_libertarian

    Solution to the team’s naming problem: Rename them the Washington Dysfunctions. It fits both the team and the city perfectly.

  • John Bigberries

    Deja vu…too many big bucks invested in RG3…cut the losses and move on…

  • Ron Parvin

    DC’s OWN Porcelain QB….

    • Quinn

      What about RG II? Does he suck too?

  • QuietStormX

    I don’t care what ones might think but the QB can’t produce without the O Line. Time and Protection. What was OTA’s for and Training camp? Where was the training for the O line and backups? I expect a Stout Line!

    • WalterWhite

      Ah four of the five OL we started ARE the starting unit. Cousins and McCoy don’t seem to have any problem moving the O and scoring. And heres a fact you need to know, Griffin has not lead the O to a TD in preseason for two years…..duh? Can you name ONE starting QB in the NFL that has not thrown ONE TD during the last two preseason games? At some point someone in the front office has to have the courage to tell Snyder, “your boy is stinking up the place, time to cut this loser, lose”. So Snyder if you just can not live without your boy. The guy YOU insisted on drafting, why not offer him a job as a member of your house staff, maybe as a your personnel valet…..but wait that would mean he would have to be able to hold on to a service tray….never mind.

  • QuietStormX

    The guy turns around and he has defence coming after him? Want him in the pocket? The guy wants to protect himself and lead than doing his job and everyone’s else’s

  • QuietStormX

    It just burns me up the coaches let this happen to RGIII again?????

  • QuietStormX

    If you have no time to step back view the plays and defence then throw or hand off and or run if holes? You don’t have time with the player on the first team offensive line from what I’ve seen. I don’t care who you are if no line, no one’s or offence is going to succeed. It’s not a one man’s team but a Groupe of players assigned to positions. Give RG3 the line he needs to do what he can do and just shut up all these fools who know nothing up…. I’m not blind!

  • QuietStormX

    As soon as the ball was snapped, the line was open?

  • That’s some good coffee !

    ‘With RG3 injured, now what?’

    I dunno…maybe they get better?

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