• New UV wearable sticker claims to help measure sun exposure

    In the fight against sun damage, a new way to protect yourself may be in the form of a tiny heart-shaped monitor developed by the L’Oreal Paris cosmetic company.

  • Woman sells sun, sues eBay

    WASHINGTON — A Spanish court has agreed to hear the case of a woman who is suing eBay because the company will no longer allow her to sell the sun, reports The Daily Mail. Maria…

  • More indications there is life in outer space

    Three new research articles show that the conditions for life as we know it here on Earth exist in the universe.

  • Tips and technologies for keeping skin safe in the summer sun

    After a winter that would not end, the first big beach and pool weekend of the year is finally here. And that means it\’s time to slather on the sunscreen.

  • Summer danger: The other ‘lime disease’

    It\’s a delicious way to spend a summer afternoon: Relaxing by a
    beach or pool with a refreshing beverage in your hand and a lime on the rim. But think twice before squeezing that lime into your drink. Your summer tan could
    turn into a nasty, itchy rash.

  • Fiery sun explosion caught on tape (VIDEO)

    An incredible solar explosion erupted from the sun this week.