• How to keep stink bugs out of your house this season

    Anything that you can do to make your home more energy-efficient will help ward off stink bugs from sneaking in.

  • What butterflies and stink bugs have in common

    You could describe butterflies and stink bugs as the \”Beauty and
    the Beast\” of the insect world, on opposite ends of the attractiveness spectrum.

  • Customs agents find stinkbugs in shipment at Port of Baltimore

    Federal agents found stinkbugs among a shipment of ceramic tile from Italy during an inspection at the Port of Baltimore Monday and called the discovery a first in the nation for this particularly pervasive pest.

  • Tips on getting rid of those stinking stink bugs

    All of the stink bugs that snuck inside your house last fall to hibernate are now waking up and coming out of hiding to crawl all over your morning bowl of Lucky Charms. What can you do?