• Va. city starts 2nd year of deer-spay program

    WASHINGTON — To some, they’re furry, cute, wonderful wildlife visitors. To others they’re a nuisance — destroying landscapes and a menace on the roads. The city of Fairfax is taking action against white-tailed deer. Fairfax…

  • Ask Dr. Pawz: How do you heal a dog’s recurring eye infection?

    Dr. Pawz advises on fixing a recurring eye infection and getting an indoor urination problem checked in this week\’s dog-focused column.

  • 5 things you don’t know about the Washington Humane Society

    From a program for soldiers interested in animal training to pet abuse centers, here are a few features offered by the Washington Humane Society that you may not know about.

  • Deer Dilemma postscript: Md. spay program shows alternative

    After rolling out the series \”Deer Dilemma\”
    about the
    National Park Service\’s plan to shoot deer in
    Rock Creek
    Park, WTOP heard from a group in Maryland
    that\’s been
    sterilizing deer as an alternative to killing