• Stand up, sit down: How to survive a day in the office

    WASHINGTON — For the past decade most people have been aware that too much sitting can be hazardous to their health, yet other studies show excessive standing is detrimental. What’s an employee to do? A…

  • Sitting is harmful to your health

    WASHINGTON — The emerging research on the health consequences of sitting is shocking. This is a different world these days. Your body was not made for current lifestyles. In this world, you sit for long…

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  • Employees need alternatives to sitting, AMA says

    The American Medical Association says there is mounting evidence that sitting around for long periods of time is unhealthy. The AMA called on employers to find
    alternatives – including treadmills, standing work stations or isometric balls – to help their
    employees stay fit and healthy.

  • Don’t just sit there, doctors say – it’s killing you

    You might not want to sit down for this. Actually, that\’s just the problem. The chair may be killing us.