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TRAFFIC ALERT In Prince George’s County, on the Outer Loop of the Beltway before St. Barnabas Road, traffic gets by on the far left lane.



  • Label that produced Wis. gunman’s band is based in Md.

    The label that produced music for End Apathy, the
    band started by the gunman who killed six people
    at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin Sunday, has a local

  • Local Sikhs worry about more violence after Wis. shooting

    The region\’s Sikhs are often mistaken for Muslims
    or Hindus and it\’s not the first time they have
    felt targeted.

  • Threats against Va. Sikh family ‘not uncommon’

    A Sikh family in Sterling, Va. has been targeted with death threats for what law enforcement officials say is only because their religion mandates they wear turbans and grow beards.