• Council member calls D.C. Trump hotel signage into question

    WASHINGTON — For Donald Trump, it is sign of the times. While work continues on his future hotel in the Old Post Office Pavilion, a D.C. Council member has raised questions about the giant construction…

  • How would you interpret this sign?

    WASHINGTON — Some people joke that you need a PhD to interpret many parking signs in Washington D.C., especially around churches with services on Sundays. In one Georgetown neighborhood block, the signs are very confusing.…

  • Hacked sign tells drivers to ‘smoke weed’

    Commuters on Kensington Parkway near Beach Drive may have been
    surprised Wednesday morning when they passed a digitized road sign instructing
    them to \”Smoke Weed Evryday.\”

  • VDOT investigates why sign fell on I-66

    Investigators from the Virginia Department of Transportation are trying to determine why a 30-foot sign collapsed onto Interstate 66 Saturday.