• How sick is too sick to exercise?

    Tell fitness enthusiasts to sit still, and they’ll scoff. Tell sick fitness enthusiasts to sit still, and their response will likely be the same. But should you really exercise when your body doesn’t feel 100…

  • Tips on office courtesy during cold and flu season

    WASHINGTON — It’s the cold and flu season. A coughing, sneezing and sniffling office mate could make anyone sick. So is it OK to speak up? And how does one go about doing it? There…

  • Can social media help your health?

    All those postings about sore throats, kids with tummy aches, and parents with runny noses can provide vital clues to public health.

  • Good to Go: Winter tips to keep kids healthy at day care, preschool

    The littlest of people can come
    home with biggest of germs — many of which are acquired during time spent at
    day care or school. Here are some tips on how to keep your kids and your family free of bugs this season.

  • Site uses social media to track illness uses social media updates to follow outbreaks of the flu,
    allergies and other illnesses
    around the country. Sickweather scans Facebook and Twitter for posts about
    sickness and gathers the data
    to form an interactive map showing the areas with the most statuses about

  • Protect against food poisoning at your next cookout

    Food is a central component to many Fourth of July celebrations. And cooking and
    eating outside in the sunny summer weather is a popular way to enjoy the holiday. But this can mean trouble. Food that sits in the heat too long can be a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes food poisoning.