• Video explains what actually causes sunburn

    WASHINGTON — Most people take precautions to limit sun exposure and potential skin cancer, but are you familiar with what actually causes sunburn? SciShow recently posted a new video explaining the process, and breaking down…

  • New procedure reduces radiation sessions for breast cancer patients

    For select breast cancer patients, there is now an alternative to the traditional six weeks of radiation therapy and its accompanying side effects. The chief of breast surgery at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital calls it a \”big advance.\”

  • Md. woman sees long-term effects of radiation in Fukushima

    After a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered
    a nuclear power plant meltdown, people who live
    nearby are still facing the consequences.

  • Helicopters to check for radiation in D.C.

    An unusual number of low-flying helicopters will
    be in the Washington region throughout the next
    two weeks checking for radiation.

  • Montgomery County police use new devices to detect radiation

    Montgomery County police are using radiation-
    detecting devices during increased patrols as the
    anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approaches.