• Not your father’s pinball machine

    By Steve Winter, special to LAS VEGAS — Pinball Is Back! While those of us over 40 fondly remember banging away at those machines at the arcade on the Boardwalk or in our local watering…

  • Black Cat nightclub debuts new pinball room

    Go for the music, stay for the pinball. One of D.C.\’s most beloved venues is ditching part of its small eatery and replacing those hot dogs with pinball machines.

  • Former pinball museum owner selling off collection

    The man who founded D.C.\’s now-closed National Pinball Museum is selling his
    collection of hundreds of machines, and the second in a series of auctions is set fir 9 a.m. Sunday, April 27.

  • Treasury of pinball machines goes on the auction block

    David Silverman, who\’s been collecting pinball machines for more than 35 years, has decided to sell his massive collection.

  • Pinball museum searches for new home

    The National Pinball Museum in Baltimore, Md. is
    looking for a new home again.

  • Competitive pinball bounces back

    Pinball is not a thing of the past. There are leagues and tournaments right here in the metro area.