• Mass shooting renews debate on mental health

    WASHINGTON — The mass shooting in Oregon is once again putting a spotlight on mental health issues and problems with the treatment process. Insurance companies are required to provide mental health coverage, but big inconsistencies…

  • Tips to avoid the holiday blues

    The holidays can be a struggle for teens and adults alike. How to avoid the holiday blues.

  • Report: Timely discharge would free mental health beds, money in Va.

    In the wake of Sen. Creigh Deeds\’ stabbing by his son, Virginia\’s inspector general has one way to free some mental health beds that state legislators say are so in need.

  • Mental health advocates plead for funding

    Advocates for people suffering with mental illness will plead with lawmakers in Annapolis Tuesday to avoid drastically cutting the budget for mental health.

  • Mental health groups fear Md. will slash funding

    It\’s budget-slashing time and among the most fearful of budget cuts in Maryland are groups that look after the mentally ill.