• Report: Most allergy deaths are due to medication

    Researchers find that 60 percent of deaths due to allergic reaction are due to medication.

  • Fairfax Co. schedules drug take-back for Saturday

    Fairfax County will accept old, unneeded medications for safe disposal at local police stations Saturday.

  • Help Remedies curing everything from colds to love lives

    Instead of reaching for Tylenol or Motrin to cure your next migraine, the drug \”Help, I have a headache\” may just do the trick. The medication is one of the products offered by Help Remedies, a start-up company from New York City that aims to make over-the-counter health care simpler for consumers.

  • Tips and tricks for disposing of unused prescription meds

    Medicines can heal, but in the wrong hands they can be dangerous. A community take-back program is the best way to get rid of them, but they aren\’t always convenient.