• Column: Mac attacks — Is it time for antivirus software?

    With all the recent news about Apple security holes and issues, is it time to install antivirus software on Mac laptops? Ken Colburn, of the Data Doctors, has the answer.

  • Apple users warned against false sense of security

    Data Doctor Ken Colburn says a troubling number of Apple users have not performed security updates, in part because they feel a false sense of safety that Apple devices aren\’t vulnerable to hackers.

  • Expert: Apple users lost immunity to Internet viruses

    Only 64,000 computers were affected by the FBI
    procedure to kill dangerous malware that has
    plagued the Web. This is a relatively small
    percentage when compared to the hundreds of
    thousands of computers in the U.S., but a
    slightly larger number for Steve Jobs disciples
    who previously thought themselves immune.

  • Software offers ‘Freedom’ from Web distractions

    If you work in an office, you know how easy it can be for your computer to become a distraction. But help may be just one more double-click away.