• When highway fund runs out, Virginia is in trouble

    The federal Highway Trust Fund is going broke and Virginia Transportation Secretary Aubrey Lane is urging Congress to pump it up.

  • Lawmaker seeks signs to move slow drivers over

    WASHINGTON — It’s the law in Maryland that drivers should move over to allow others to pass. But there’s a proposal to pepper the state with signs to make sure motorists know it. The Frederick…

  • Small plane lands on NYC highway

    A small plane traveling to Connecticut after taking a tour of the Statue of Liberty made an emergency landing Saturday on a New York City interstate highway, startling drivers but touching down safely with no serious injuries to anyone aboard or on the ground, officials said.

  • WTOP Beltway Poll: 2/3 support wider highways

    Nearly two-thirds of people in the Washington area believe highways in the region should be widened, and there also is very strong support for expanding mass transit, according to a WTOP Beltway Poll.