• Koalas secretly euthanized to control population in Australia

    WASHINGTON — Australia is struggling with how to humanely reduce the overpopulated koala, a debate similar to a local concern over whether to euthanize deer in Rock Creek Park. Victoria state government secretly euthanized almost…

  • Va. zoo euthanizes 1 of its new cheetah cubs

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A cheetah cub born at the Metro Richmond Zoo has been euthanized. Media outlets report that the female cub was placed in an incubator after a veterinarian discovered that it was…

  • PETA contacts protesters on Facebook, informing them of organizer’s past

    A group of protesters holding a demonstration against PETA say only a handful of participants showed up because PETA threatened participants on the event\’s Facebook page.

  • Will your pet be cared for when you’re gone?

    The new faces showing up at area animal shelters are actually old ones. Dogs and cats whose owners have died are now finding that their final home is a cage.